Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Peace and quiet

wow, how easy is this kids being on holiday lark?! Yeah, right!!! I'm only saying that cos they went to the kids club this morning and as they were leaving the guy said they were on at a different place this afternoon between 2 and 4, cue much shrieking from the boys and their 2 friends so they're all away again this afternoon

I'm trying to spend the time productively *whistles* I've found a lost pj top down the back of one of the boys' drawers. Now I'm trying to tidy the spare/play room but I've kinda lost the will and the tidy up fairy and decluttering fairy are nowhere to be seen!

Went to CraftWorld this morning and bought some more promarkers *screams with excitment*. Now, that would be productive if I got my craft stuff out..... No, I must press on with the tidying. Got a card to share today that I'm sending to a very special girl. It's my friend's wee girl. A few weeks ago she had a sale of some of her more treasured possessions so that she could raise some money for the people of Japan and then last night she made her Brownie promise. Lauren, you're a little star!
Catch you tomorrow.

Susan xxx

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