Tuesday, 19 April 2011

I'm confused..

had to go in to work this morning for a leadership course so I'm a bit confused and I keep thinking that this is Wednesday now! As a result of being stuck in the house yesterday and then being at work on a non working day I feel slightly cheated ont he days off this week. Never mind, the office is closed on Friday so at least it'll be kind of a short week.

Came back this afternoon and after I'd had lunch I sorted out all of my Stampin Up card into poly pockets in colour family order. Anal? Me? Never!!

I've not done any crafting tonight either as I'm just back in - went to Sainsbury's after dinner to get a fleece for school for Craig. Poor lad went in his winter jacket today and looked a tad warm when he came out of school! Anyway, they had 25% off their clothes so I bought him a fleece and lots of stuff for me too, lol

Susan xx

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