Sunday, 24 April 2011

Happy Easter

Hope you've had a good day. Felt kinda bad this morning when Andy gave me an Easter egg and I hadn't bought him one. However, I shared the egg with him and I've promised to go to Morrisons tomorrow to pick one up half price for him :p

The preacher at church this morning, during the children's sermon asked a couple of kids to go up and help him break a couple of hard boiled eggs. Craig was one of the kids he chose - only they weren't hard boiled at all. Thanks to the wonders of Google, David had pierced the egg and blown the insides out so that when the children managed to break the shells, they were empty. Just like the empty tomb on that first Easter morning. What good news!

Haven't actually managed any crafting today - although the dining room table is pretty much clear. I had a clear out of some ribbons today - I was quite ruthless, I chucked out bits of ribbon that were too short to do anything with and the bits of ribbon that I didn't like and would never use. Now if only I can apply that to the rest of the rubbish in the house, lol.

My friend is going off to Ayr tomorrow as she assures me it's going to be a beautiful day. I'm hoping she's right!

Have fun with your bank holiday Monday, whatever you do.

Susan xxx

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