Saturday, 23 April 2011


It's been 3 days since my last post, well, almost. It's only just the start of the 3rd day.

And do you know what day it is today?! Yes, that's right, it's Doctor Who day :D Let joy be unconfined, the new series is back tonight. In just under 18 hours in fact..... not that I'm excited or anything you understand :p

Been a busy day today (Friday), took the kids to Pollok Park to do the NTS Easter Egg hunt and to run about the park with their friends. What a gorgeous day. Loads of people were there, many with far posher picnics than the one we had packed. They had tablecloths on the picnic benches, picnic baskets filled with food, bottles of wine.... etc etc, we brought our sandwiches out of plastic bags and there was not a drop of wine in sight!

Have just finished an evening of crafting with Sandra (the men are drinking beer at her house). Made (well almost made) a card for Yvonne's husband's birthday tomorrow (well, Saturday) and almost made a card for another challenge. Not very happy with that though so I suspect it will turn into something else.

Back later.

Susan xx

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