Monday, 4 April 2011

Day 1 done....

of the holidays that is!!!

Took the kids to a holiday club running in one of the local primary schools. They were there for a couple of hours this morning with some friends and there were lots of people there that they knew so they had fun. In fact even before they'd gone in they wanted to go back tomorrow!! If that's not a good recommendation I'm not sure what is

After we picked them up we took them to Macd's for lunch and then to a local soft play place where they had a fab time. Once we came out of the soft play, the sun was shining so by the time we got home they were able to go out and play. Hopefully they will sleep well (and long) tonight

I was going to start some spring cleaning tonight but I'm afraid I know cba so it will need to wait........ until next spring lol

If the kids are going to the club again in morning I might make a start while they're away.

It's one of the guys at work's birthday tomorrow so I've made him this card using the new Motorbike stamp from the Stampin' Up Mini, I've used Versamark to stamp it as a watermark on the actual card itself, I'm quite pleased with how it turned out.

Catch you tomorrow.

Susan xxx

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