Monday, 25 April 2011

Something different

My friend was right, it was a lovely day!

We set off today and went to Bannockburn to do the National Trust for Scotland's Easter Egg hunt. Just wanted somewhere different to go!! Kids had a great time and Scott is now the proud owner of yet another sword. We went round the exhibition and came across a replica of Robert Bruce's helmet. Scott took great pleasure in trying it on..... He enjoyed wearing it so much that it was difficult to get it back off him, lol.

He also got his face painted as a dinosaur, I think the girl made a fab job of it, making it look like his mouth was the dinosaur's mouth :D I'm always full of admiration for face painters. It's not something I could do. After we'd eaten lunch we didn't feel like coming back home so we took a trip to Tillicoultry (which is where my Mum was from). I haven't been there for many years and it stirred up so many memories of being a little girl and visiting my Aunts and Uncles there.

Back to school tomorrow and work for Andy. I have a day to myself (ish) but I'm looking forward to coffee in the morning with Yvonne.

Gotta get some crafting done tomorrow, have a commission for an 80th birthday card for my friend's Gran.

Susan xxx

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Mary J said...

Oh, he is just way toooo cute, Susan! That dinosaur is pure genius - I bet he didn't want to wash his face!!

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