Sunday, 17 April 2011

2 posts, 1 day. Go me ;)

The kids are out playing, the husband is at the football (well, not technically now, he's in the pub), I'm having some peace and quiet and a cuppa (we'll not mention the Wagon Wheel I also just had). Took the kids to Asda (I'm a good mum eh?!) and now all the shopping is lying in the living room ready to be put away. Later..... maybe when the husband falls over it when he comes back, lol.

I know I've been talking about this for days and I really was going to tidy up the dining table of all the craft stuff on it and around it but as TH will not be home for dinner, I'm going to leave it and when the kids have gone to bed early tonight in preparation for a hard week (sorry, 4 days) at school I shall do some crafting :D

This is the card I've made for our neighbours. Told you it was similar to the little girl one I did earlier in the week. Can't decide which one I like best! The reason for the ribbon at the side of the image is because when I cut it using a label nestie I didn't check where I was cutting so there was too much white space on the left hand side of the baby. See, no such thing as a mistake ;)

The card and present are all ready to be delivered. Scott is just waiting for his wee pal to come back in so that he can deliver it himself. Awwwww.

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Sandi said...

Another lovely creation.

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