Sunday, 17 April 2011


You'll be pleased to know that normal service has been resumed. The children are back to normal ;)

Can't believe that the holidays are nearly over. Back to school next week, well for 4 days at least

Not had a good day on the crafting front. Sat down to colour an image for our neighbours who had a wee boy the other day. I liked it when I'd done it but then I wasn't sure, so I've just coloured in a different image which has made it on to a card not too dissimilar to the girl one the other day, although if something was going to go wrong with putting it together it did! But there's no such thing as a mistake in crafting, just design features!! Now I'm not sure whether I liked the other image more. Ah, indecisions, indecisions...

Depending which one I go with I'll share them with you tomorrow. Got another couple of things I'm working on just now too, images are coloured, none of which have made it to being actual cards yet

Susan xx

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