Saturday, 21 May 2011

What a day

It was the Anchor Boy trip to Kelburn Country Park in Largs today. It rained. A lot. No, rain doesn't even begin to describe how wet it was!! We had a good time despite the weather. We got back and I took Scott and his wee pal, Aidan, back to Aidan's house where Scott was having a sleepover. Because Scott was having a sleepover, we invited Craig's friend John to have a sleepover at ours. I'm only now starting to feel human after being cold and wet for most of the day! Anyway, Craig and John weren't long in bed and had started watching a dvd when I got a phone call from Aidan's mum, Scott was sick! So I had to jump in the car and go and collect my poorly sick boy! I feel bad that I left Lorraine to clear up the sick but at least he made it to the bathroom and wasn't sick over Aidan. In fact, Aidan doesn't even know that Scott has gone home as he slept through the whole thing. Scott is now asleep in our bed as John is in his, so either Andy or I are sleeping on the sofa tonight. I'm not even sure where the spare duvet is. Oh hang fire on that, he's cleared a space in the spare room to put the futon down. Doesn't help though, that I still don't know where the spare duvet is.... oh dear...... someone is going to be cold tonight ;) So, no crafting done tonight either. I have to do some tomorrow otherwise Mr Mojo will go on holiday having not been used! Susan xxx

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