Sunday, 16 October 2011

Almost packed

3/4 of the family are packed. *drums fingers* Just waiting on someone looking out his stuff so that can go in the case too. Kids are excited to be going to Blackpool again. They're desparate to go to Nickelodeon Land!! I shall try and check in again through the week - I may even schedule some posts, if I get time after finishing the packing! Hugs.Susan xxx


juliejules said...

Hi Susan, I am in Blackpool on Weds, going to the Tower Ballroom with my dance partner to practise our moves!

Fiona said...

hope you have a fab time!! I was 14 the last time I was at Blackpool!! A couple of years ago!!


Cathy said...

Have a fabby time in Blackpool!! We spent a fortune with the girls! xx

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