Sunday, 31 July 2011

Lovely weekend

Sorry no card to share tonight! Not long home from Sunny Stenton and after the excesses of last night I'm at last starting to feel a little more human (just a little though....) We've all had a great time at Ackie and Val's. Went to the beach on Friday and then had a chippy tea sitting at the harbour in Dunbar. Back to the beach on Saturday morning and then a family BBQ in the afternoon/evening/night... Great to be with lots of family and we also made a couple of calls to Canada to other cousins. We got to speak to Lorna who was actually at her son's baseball game when she was suddenly disturbed by a lot of drunken Scots! We didn't manage to speak to Jen last night but she called back today so she got slightly more sober (and very tired) Scots. Maybe I'll be back to normal by tomorrow. I'm clearly too old for this :P Hugs.Susan xxx

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