Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Will the 2 small boys in bed

please go to sleep! Grrr, they're both tired, why won't they go to sleep?! The girls are coming round tonight for our usual crafting Tuesday. Got some cards to make so should really get on with them, 4 at the last count (including one for a certain DS who will be 4 on Monday). It's funny but I am the woman quoted as saying "I don't scrapbook", and now, I can't be bothered making cards and just want to get on with some lo's. Inspire me someone. Been a busy day, went out for a very long walk first thing with my friend, Liz. It's great to get exercise in the fresh air and a gab while you're about it. This afternoon I had to go up to the church as it was my week on the gardening rota. I am knackered now after all that fresh air. I'm hopeful of a second wind though cos I really need to get on with these cards. Susan xx

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