Monday, 25 May 2009

How you remind me...

I can't believe I haven't posted this already but Nickelback were amazing! I hope there was no one of a nervous disposition there as there was a lot of banging with fireworks going off!! Never a dull moment eh? Sunday was the Sunday School promotion and prizegiving service at church. As Craig is going in to P4 he was promoted to a different class. The friend I was sitting beside kindly provided me with a packet of hankies but (and this is very unlike me) I didn't need them! We had intentions of getting up this morning and going through to visit Edinburgh Castle but we never made it. Don't think DH or I had the energy to get there. Ended up going to see Bolt at the Odeon kids club. We met Sandra, her mum and the kids there so the 4 kids pleaded to be able to play together after lunch and being the lovely parents that we are we agreed so Sandra and the kids came down after lunch which was good. I've managed to upload some more pages, some are finished, some are not. This is a lo of my mum aged around 2-3(I'm guessing), she's on a beach somewhere carrying her potty. Can't think of a title and am thinking of embellishing it a wee bit further with some more flowers (poss nesties) under the photo. Scott and his friend Igglepiggle on a sea front ride in Scarborough on holiday last year. Still a title to go on it but haven't thought of it yet. This is a photo of my Dad (in the middle), his cousin and his uncle. Just to add the journalling.
This is called I wish for fish. It's Craig on holiday last year and through the holiday he was desparate for a fish supper which he'd never tried before (fussy boy) so this was the first time, and he's never looked back, lol.
Susan xx

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Cass said...

Fab LO's Susan.They're all gorgeous in their own ways.Love how you've got a photo of the eaten fish one with your mum and her potty I'd think along the lines of it being a bucket instead of a potty to fit into the beach theme.
Glad you enjoyed Nickelback,they are fab as are BSC.
Cass xxx

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