Monday, 18 May 2009

Monday Monday

And what a busy bee I've been! With the boys at school and nursery I decided to tackle the mess that was the cupboard in our bedroom. There is now space to put everything in it and we don't need to have the ironing table, washing basket and hoover every time we need in to the cupboard. I even found my driving license (which has been missing for ages). Scott went to a friend's house after nursery and then around 12.30 his wee friend's mum phoned to ask if it would be ok to take Scott to the transport museum! I accepted her kind offer and had time to myself up till 3 when I collected Craig from school. I'm now going to settle down with a cuppa and DCI Gene Hunt. What could be better on a Monday?!

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Cass said...

I'd have been crafting rather than tidy a dreaded H*******k word.
Cass xxx

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