Sunday, 29 April 2012

Share It On A Sunday

How can it be back at Sunday already?! It doesn't seem like a whole week since Karen posted on the Sugar Nellie blog those lovely MotB outfits! Anyway, here we are back again. This time Karen has shared some delicious looking cupcakes so I thought I'd follow here lead this time....

I present - CAKES!! (not made by me I hasten to add, I am not clever enough to make any of these!!)

Now, I could never eat any of them, because they resemble a person or animal... No, I really can't eat Jelly Babies or Gingerbread Men. Struggle a bit with broccoli too cos that looks like a tree ;) (ok, I'm lying about the last one)

Thanks for dropping by today. Have a great Sunday whatever you're up to. Remember to pop over to the Sugar Nellie blog to see what everyone else is sharing today.

Hugs. Susan xxx


Erika said...

Wow fab cakes Susan, love the witch at the bottom, ding dong the witch is dead!
Hugs Erika.

Fiona said...

they are fab cakes Susan....too pretty to eat!!


Debbi Glennie said...

they are totally awesome Susan - the last one particularly tickles me :)
happy SOS

Margaret Ann Moffat said...

You made me laugh then cough then splutter lol but I needed it, thanks Susan.

sugarnellie said...

ding dong the witch is dead, the wicked witch.......killed by cake.....aye that might just be the best way to go. LOL

hope the sun is shining down south,it's a beautiful day today. hope are enjoy yours

Sarah said...

Oooooh, I'm in love - with those cakes!!! Now I like to decorate a cake or two - but those, perfection!

Love the glasses on the orange topped ones and the flattened witch is just brilliance itself!


Dora said...

O wow these are so fun he he love them all xxx

Flutterby Trina said...

mmm cakes... they are fabulously decorated! LOVE this SOS! See you soon xxx

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