Sunday, 1 April 2012


After the last few days it's freeeeeezing today! I got a bit of shock when I walked up to church with the boys this morning!

Craig goes away tomorrow morning so I'm hoping that they get good weather while they're away (and that the weather will be good here).  I never did get round to packing that bag yesterday but for a good reason, honest!

As Craig will be away for my birthday on Tuesday, Andy and the boys surprised me with a birthday lunch at one of my favourite restaurants, La Fiorentina. It was lovely and I even had a glass of wine as Andy offered to do all the driving. Who was I to refuse?!

Thought I'd share a couple of photos that Andy snapped on his phone. Now I never, ever, ever like photos of me but I actually quite like this one - it's not too bad :)

Now I really am off to pack that bag for tomorrow!

Thanks for dropping by today.

Hugs. Susan xxx


Fiona said...

it's lovely her today susan...gad you had a happy birthday lunch, that was nice of them springing it on you.


xxxtglxxx said...

Awww, what a lovely surprise! :) Hope you have a fabby day hun!

I dont usually like pictures of me, but if I am playing with the dogs and my hubby snaps a few, I always like them - must be because I prefer looking at the dogs! LOL.



Debbi Glennie said...

hope the bairn has a great time at camp
great pics

Faith A said...

Just had a look through your blog, I really like your style, great ideas and cards.
Thanks for your comment on my T shirt.

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