Monday, 15 August 2011

Technology. Pah.

My trusty phone has broken down. The touch screen on it has decided to pack in completely. So, last night Andy tried to download an update for it to see if that would fix it. Sadly it didn't and it wiped the memory card. So photos went, numbers went.... yada yada. Thankfully most of the photos had already been backed up. Two that I wanted to share with you hadn't made it to the laptop yet (although one was very similar to the first day at school card I made earlier but it was PINK) and one was a birthday card I made to send to a very special friend but as I didn't post it in time on Saturday she may not have got it today for her birthday. Fingers crossed it will get to her tomorrow. And maybe, just maybe if I ask her nicely she'll take a photo and send it to me..... so Ali if you're reading this keep an eye out for the postie ;) I hope you've had a happy day xx I've made a card for the Sugar Bowl but it's too dark to take a photo of it. I'll try it again in the morning and share it with you. For now, I'll away and see if I can create something else. I have a cunning plan for another SB card which will tie in with the SN Facebook page challenge! Hugs. Susan xxx

1 comment:

weewiccababe said...

oooo, I like a cunning plan!
you don't realise how much you rely on things like phones and laptops until they break
have a great day

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