Saturday, 20 August 2011

Food glorious food

No card today. I have made one but I tried taking a photo of it there and it's a wee bit too dark. Will take one again in the morning and share it tomorrow. By which time I'll have made lots more cards cos I'm going to put the laptop down and go and create. Maybe. For now here's a photo of a happy boy with a camoflaged face. Sandra and I went over to Craft at Home in Blantyre today as they're closing down (well the shop is, the internet site isn't). Got some bargains so I really want to go play now.

Sandra's hubby looked after my 2 while we were away as Andy was away to the football which was fab. I'm sure the boys had more fun playing with their friends then they would have had wandering round a craft shop ;) Have you ever noticed that when you decide to cut down all you can think about is food. I'm starving!! Hugs.

Susan xxx

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