Friday, 17 June 2011

Today's the day

If all has gone to plan this post should be appearing after 2pm which is when the wedding is due to start! I didn't want the post appearing before then just in case the bride or groom somehow managed to see the card.... daft I know but never mind! This is the second time the bride's father has done his father of the bride bit. Now here's a puzzle, he and my cousin have 2 daughters and this is the first wedding of either of their daughters......Sean gave me away when Andy and I got married in 2000! I was very grateful to Sean for stepping into the position as my own dad died in 1996, I have no brothers and my 2 remaining uncles had both passed away the year before we got married. A poisoned chalice some might say. Anyway, Sean survived and today is giving away his youngest daughter. I'm sure we're all having a lovely time by now but I'll be able to tell you more about that tomorrow. For now, here's the card for the happy couple. Hugs.Susan xxx


Susan said...

What a beautiful card - simplicity always wins xx

Cass said...

beautiful card Susan

Cass xx

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