Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Child labour

Scott went round to play at his friend's after school yesterday. Craig played his ds for a wee while and then I told him to come off and made him help me reorganise my scrap paper, card and ribbon into this wee set of drawers I got in Asda a few weeks ago! All the paper/card/ribbons are now in colour groups so, in theory, it should be easier to find stuff. In theory like. Maybe not in practice! Did find some ribbon that I'd forgotten I had which is perfect for my canvas and it was my intention to do it last night when I came back from visiting some of the folks in my district. However, I went out at 6.45 and returned at 9.45 so I didn't bother doing any crafting. The beautifully reorganised set of drawers :) Hugs.

Susan xxx

1 comment:

weewiccababe said...

it's such a nice feeling when you get something all organised isn't it?

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