Saturday, 18 June 2011

No cards, just me

at the wedding yesterday! Looking all pink and girly. It's a first and is unlikely to ever happen again! We all had a lovely day. The bride and groom looked wonderful and happy. The service was lovely. The minister made them take a moment during the service just to look at each other and take in the moment. It was a lovely thing to do. I remember from our wedding how things flew by in what seemed like seconds. The boys had a great time too. We were at dinner with another couple who had 2 boys similar in age to our 2 and the 4 of them had a great time running about with each other. Louise and Jonnie had thoughtfully provided all the kids at the wedding with a wee box of goodies to keep them amused during the speeches and dinner. It certainly worked - although Scott and Archie used their telescopes as swords and were having sword fights!

Back tomorrow with a card. Hugs. Susan xxx

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~ Ali ~ said...

looking good Mrs M....glad you had a fab time and sounds like the boys had a ball!

ali x

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