Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Yeah, yeah, I know

I said I would be earlier and here we are again, running at the coo's tail.

Been a busy old day today though. Sandra and I took the cherubs to see the Lorax at Clydebank (the lure of £2.95 tickets again!) but went by train so we were out most of the day.

Then Andy and I took the boys out for dinner and got Scott some new boots for rugby starting again on Sunday.

Thought I'd share a couple of photos of Saturday - the first is of Scott and Holly on the Sky Trail in the Zoo. My heart was in my mouth I tell you. I felt sick just looking at them!

The second photo is of a very pleased looking Scott who declared the Sky Trail was "the best thing I've ever done"....

Anyway, I am tank trapping, I know. I am mid making a card. It's just not going right though, so I'm thinking of walking away from it and leaving it till tomorrow. Maybe it will look better in 25 minutes ;)

Thanks for dropping by today. Hugs. Susan xxx

1 comment:

Tracey T said...

Didn't he do well? Gregor (who doesn't do heights) couldn't get over how fearless he was. What a wee star. We really did enjoy meeting you all and are up for another get-together any time! Hugs xx

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