Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Just keep swimming

Been swimming this afternoon which was nice. Pool was very quiet because the English schools haven't stopped yet.
However, who should we bump into in the car park when we arrived but one of Craig's school friends. They picked today to come swimming too and it turns out they are staying in the next village to us. Small world eh?
Off to forage for some food now. Starving after all that exercise.


Dora said...

How fun, good for you to have some relaxing time :D

Kim said...

Hi Susan,
Glad to see you are having some fun!
Wanted to thank you as my birthday card came the other day and it was gorgeous, love that image! I appreciate your taking the time to make me a card, I know how precious our time is with family, work, blogs, etc. Just letting you know it was much appreciated, it makes turning 50 a bit sweeter, when one has so many thoughtful people in their life!

Anthoney said...

Hi Susan,
Swimming is best summer sport as it regulate body temperature and makes heart and lungs strong. Swimming strengthen back, arms and shoulders muscles and great to deal with joint and muscular problems.
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