Sunday, 20 May 2012

Share it On Sunday

It's that time of the week again over at Sugar Nellie it is time to Share it on Sunday. 

I rediscovered Garfield and Snoopy the other week so I thought I'd share some of Garfield's wisdom today. Now, I picked these pictures just after the football so it kinda tells you what mood I was in...

And it wouldn't be SoS without a hottie so here's today's offering. This is Ryan   Reynolds. No, I've no idea who he is either...

Hugs. Susan xxx


Fiona said...

ha ha your post!!

Who is he??


Sandra said...

He's the Green Lantern among other roles.
Very hot


Sarah said...

Well I've no idea who he is either (what's the Green Lantern then? - Hold on have I heard that on Big Bang Theory?) but I wouldn't kick him out of bed!!!


PS - I take it the footie didn't go well?

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