Tuesday, 3 January 2012


With the arrival of Hurricane Helpmaboab we appear to be stuck in Edinburgh. Fingers crossed it passes soon, Andy at work tomorrow and for once I didn't pack enough clothes for a fortnight.


Tracey T said...

LOL!! Pretty breezy here in Newtown Stewart but so far no damage. Staying put today tho' - don't fancy driving in this. Hope you get home safely. Tracey x

Cathy said...

Its very blowy here ... but it has stopped raining so been able to get outside and blow away some of the cobwebs.
Hope you get home soon.

Sarah said...

Hi Susan, just having a wander through your blog and catching up. Your pick of 2011 cards are just great - love the Sassys.

It's been blooming windy here too, but nowhere near as bad as you've had it there - hope you get home soon and safely.


Abi said...

Windy this way too (although not so bad as you!) & we're a lot further south than you!! Hope you are unstuck soon, if not already...Hugs xx

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