Friday, 6 January 2012

A card and present (but not two of mine)

I wanted to share with you the Christmas card I received from my lovely friend Cass and the notebook that I received from Lis Murphy in the RAK from the Sugar Nellie Facebook group. Both are gorgeous and so much more lush irl than these photos would give them credit for. I almost don't want to use Lis' book cos I don't want to spoil it but I shall think of something to put in it soon.... So I started Slimming World last night - a friend of mine who has lost almost 5 stone started a new group last night in our church so really I had no excuse not to go. I shall let you know next Thursday how the weigh in goes!
Hugs.Susan xxx


Fiona said...

both stunning creations Susan!!

I am sure your first weigh in will be fine!!


Dora said...

Awww these are gorgeous .. lucky girl getting these :) Good luck with the slimming World.. I too must start behaving, eating too much choccies at the moment !!

Susie said...

These are both absolutely gorgeous, Susan! And I'd find it difficult to use the notebook too! Susie x

Shazza said...

wow these are gorgeous, lucky girlie! Good luck with Slimming World. Hubby contemplating joining again. We have all the books so I plan just to try and do it myslef and see how I get on :-)

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