Thursday, 3 November 2011

How can it be November?

Already? Really?! It will be Christmas before we know it ;) Nothing new to share today I'm afraid. Did some crafting the other night at Lorraine's. May even have a prototype Christmas card. Now I just really need to get the finger out and do something. Nagging will be accepted. Hugs.Susan xxx


Dora said...

yes nothing to share today.. but I still saw your other card as had missed it :) Hugs xxx

Abi said...

I can't believe you haven't started your Christmas cards yet lol!! Apparently it is something like 49 days to Christmas (I can't be certain as I'm not counting it myself but I saw it on a blog!). Will you get on with it!!!

Love your lost in Music card below this hon xx

Sarah said...

Ahhh, Susan - I quite agree, November has come round much too fast.

I'm not in a position to nag, I've not even thought about my Christmas cards yet!


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