Thursday, 29 September 2011

Still not finished!

Here are some more from the weekend. I promise that they are all nearly finished! Honest. I still have to finish a couple of them - Andy is out tomorrow night so I'm hoping for a bit of peace to be creative ;) This one was by Jayne Steadman but I'm not sure my version resembles the original as I didn't finish it on the Saturday and kind of did it from memory (although there was also a bit of ribbon in the bag but wasn't sure where to put it!!) Love this wee monkey card. Reminds me of some small boys I know ;) And this, is mine! What a surprise eh? A man's card. Hugs.Susan xxx


Fiona said...

gorgeous cards Susan!!


gillybean said...

Lovely to see all the swaps from the mini convention - some really beautiful ones there! Gill x

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