Friday, 16 September 2011

Star spotting!

Although sadly I haven't actually spotted any! The streets of Glasgow have yet again been transformed into America. Not Brad Pitt this time but a film starring Halle Berry and Tom Hanks called Cloud Atlas. They're filming just outside our office so work was quite exciting today watching all the action from our window (obviously that was between the work we were doing...) We've heard gunshots and seen car crashes. And when he was out at lunchtime Andy managed to spot Halle herself. The book by David Mitchell goes through 6 different time spans. This one they're filming just now is set in the 1970s so there were lots of affros and flares spotted today. I'm almost tempted to go into work tomorrow to see what else happens! Took this photo from our window yesterday - lots of old American cars arrived and I managed to snap these two! Hugs.Susan xxx


weewiccababe said...

that must be so exciting Susan, nothing that cool happens in Aberdeen :( the most excitement we had here was a tv series called roughnecks

Kerry said...

How exciting...I tried to spot Brad when he was in town but he must have been in Gregg's getting a sausage roll!! xx

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