Wednesday, 16 March 2011


I'm up at stupid o'clock for a 7am flight to Manchester tomorrow. I'm doing a course through work on Internal Consulting..... yeah, how EXACTLY do I stay awake during that..... the course doesn't finish till 4.30pm..... however, my flight home is at 4.40pm. I can imagine how well it's going to go down but I wasn't prepared to hang about till the next flight which is after 8pm before I got on my way home.

So, in the absence of any crafting photos, here's one of my youngest boy Scott at the recent Anchor Boy fun day with his face painted as a lion! It was painted by one of our other officers, Graeme, who you can just see sitting on the edge of the photo - he's Scott's favourite. I feel I should be slightly aggrieved at this given that I'm also an officer and I'm not his favourite, lol. Apparently it's because "me and Graeme are really good at sports" (Scott's words not mine!!)

Hopefully, some crafting tomorrow, if I'm not too tired after my day's adventure.

Susan xx

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