Tuesday, 8 March 2011

An award

My lovely friend Cass at http://poursomesugaronme-rockchick.blogspot.com/ left me an award on her blog - this is me only just getting round to posting it. Thank you Cass. Mwah xx
There are a couple of conditions for the award. You have been TAGGED and want to participate? Then create a post where you post the 'LOVE BLOG' image. You should also blog the persons link that gave you the award and inform her/him that you accept the award. You can then choose 3 - 5 favourite blogs which you also link in your post, then each blogger will inform you that they have been tagged The aim of this action is that we bring unknown, good blogs to light,so I would ask you not to blog fellow bloggers that already have 3,000 followers I'm just going to leave a couple of names though. I look at loads of blogs but these were the two that sprung to mind! Karen at http://cravingcraft.blogspot.com/ Anthea at http://stampin-divas.blogspot.com/

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Awwww thanks so much for the award!! I shall treasure it and stroke it and pet it and call it George. Tomorrow George and I will go a wandering on my blog and pass on the love. Thanks!!

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