Tuesday, 5 June 2012


What a day yesterday was. Took the boys to Jurassic Parrr which is an adventure golf place close to us. They were having a ball until we got onto hole 17. I was waiting for them at the end of when I decided I needed to get out the way in case of flying golf balls. I stepped back over a rock which was bigger than I anticipated and ended up sprawled on the ground. And there was blood... and being a head injury there was quite a lot of it! 

Anyway, the boys and Andy continued their game... and I visited the first aider who patched me up. He said it was a graze rather than a split so just advised that I should visit the hospital if I felt dizzy or unwell! Thankfully everything was fine and although I didn't sleep very well last night cos every time I turned over I seemed to hit the sore bit.  

So today we've been visiting friends which was lovely as we've not seen them for a while.  The boys and Katy had a ball playing together and even 2 year old Callum tried to join in but he's just a tad slower than them at the moment!

Haven't managed much crafting - although as I write that that isn't strictly speaking correct. I've coloured in a few images, matched them with paper and card. They just haven't made into actual cards just yet!

I also wanted to share a photo of my Mum and Dad today as this would have been their 47th wedding anniversary, unfortunately I saved it on the computer (which is Scott's room) not the laptop!

Thanks for dropping by today. 

Susan xx


Fiona said...

sounds like you have had fun Susan...love the name of the golfing...very good!!

time for crafting now...don't you think??

Did you see there is a SN DT call??


sue - aka bearhouse said...

Awww poor you, I hope you have a better night sleep tonight.
Fabulous photos
All the best

Tracey T said...

Hope you get a better night tonight, sweetie. The boys certainly look like they were having a great time! Hugs, Tracey x

Judith said...

Oh dear - sounds like you should just stay in and craft! All this out and about isn't good for you!! Have a grey night hugs Judith x

Wishcraft said...

Oops! Hope your head's all better now Susan. Great photos :o) Hugs, Lisa x

Wedgie said...

Oh my goodness Susan, hope you're ok! That sounds like the kind of thing that would happen to me!

Fab photos - looks like fun was had by all! Wedgie xxx

Stressed Stamper said...

Great posting - sort of thing I would do - owch - hope you are ok now

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