Sunday, 19 February 2012

Some birthday photos

Thought I would come back and share some photos of Craig's birthday with you. The birthday boy The not birthday boy (but he still got a wee present) Birthday cake - made by Tasmin McFadden. This is Katsuma who is a Moshi Monster. No, I don't know who that is either ;) Birthday tea at the China Buffet King with 3 of his friends. I'm away for a lie down now!

Hugs. Susan xx


Tracey T said...

Looks like the wee man had a grand day! xx

Wishcraft said...

Great photos and a fab cake - I'm sure my eldest (who's 9) would be impressed :o) Hope he's had a very happy birthday!

Thanks for your message on my blog hun xx Lisa x

Sarah said...

Hi Susan, looks like a fab time was had by all!


Natali said...

Great photos!! Happy Birthday Craig!!

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