Sunday, 1 November 2009

Where has the time gone?

It's November, and I've not blogged for ages. *hangs head in shame* I only have an excuse for the last week - I've been stuck in bed with a nasty flu bug since Tuesday. Starting to get better but still have absolutely zero energy. Was at the craft show at the SECC last week, got some good stuff but wondered why I was on such a tight budget. Found £20 of my cash when I got home that I hadn't put in my purse! Silly billy. Last Saturday and Sunday was spent in Springfield Cambridge Church in Bishopbriggs at the Boys Brigade Officers course. Only another 7 hours to go on 22nd November. Not a lot of crafting done (unless you count the hour of crafts at the BB course, but they're Christmas crafts suitable for P2 and P3 boys....)

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