Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Almost Wednesday ;)

And another lovely day here! Had to go into school this morning but when I'd finished I decided I would go and do a spot of shopping. My aunt gave me a voucher for my birthday and I still haven't spent it. Of course the law of sod dictates that you don't see anything when you have money to spend on it so I still haven't used the voucher!

No card today but a photo which shows what I was watching tonight at the cinema. Cass, Sandra and I went to see Rock of Ages. It was fab. Now, I am not a Tom Cruise fan by any means but actually he was great. Honest!

Well tomorrow sees the start of my very last week at work. After 26 years in the civil service I leave on Friday (I won't bore you with the details but I have taken a voluntary redundancy package) I actually wish I could just fast forward the week to Friday at 4pm when I'll be in the pub :) 

Hugs xx


Sandra said...

Tom was Awesome.
(Never thought I'd say those words!)

Enjoy your last few days
S xxx

febe said...

Enjoy the days you have left at work :)

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