Monday, 27 July 2009

Look at the time

It's either very late or very early! Have been on my own for most of the weekend as DH was off in Edinburgh seeing his mate who is over from America for a holiday. Took the boys to the River Festival on Saturday, they had a great time and the weather was fab. DH off work tomorrow so I am taking the opportunity of staying up late and hopefully having a very long lie in the morning ;o)

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

First day back

at work today :o( and it was made even worse when I realised I'd been off for nearly 3 weeks! Had my first crafting session after my holiday last night. Yvonne was very productive and almost finished (having only started last night) a guest book for a wedding! Sandra and I weren't as productive - I half made a birthday card for the weekend and did a page of the boys. I have my new camera so hopefully I'll get some photos up tomorrow. Susan xx

Doesn't Time Fly - The Last in The Trilogy

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