Tuesday, 16 June 2009

In a few short hours

I'll be off on the nursery trip with Scott. What have I done? Why did I volunteer? Must have been a moment of madness ;o) Made a card for a friend's birthday today (well technically yesterday) but stupidly forgot to take a photo of it so I have nothing to show! D'oh. Been out tonight with my lovely friend Ruth trying to help her choose an outfit for a couple of weddings she has this summer. Not sure I was much help though as we didn't actually manage to buy anything!! We did see a few nice dresses in Monsoon. We had coffee at Starbucks and then coffee back at Ruth's - I'm buzzing now, not sure I'll get to sleep any time soon!

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Here Comes Summer

Hello.  Is it summer?  I don't think the weather can really make up it's mind but this  Whimsy  gnome must live in Scotland, he know...